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Frequently Asked Questions



Monthly tuition will automatically be charged on the 1st of each month.

ALL tumblers must have a debit card, credit card or ACH/Electronic Check transaction form of payment on file.

A $10 late fee will be added to all accounts with balances on the 9th of each month.


All accounts are required to enroll in Auto Payment.

There is no fee for those enrolled in auto-pay with ACH (checking account).

There is a 3.05% + $.30 fee for those enrolled in auto-pay with a credit or debit card.

Tuition is paid monthly to hold a student’s place in a class or classes, and must be paid regardless of the student’s attendance each month. Full Tuition is due each month, there are NO PRORATED MONTHS for breaks and holidays as each month is priced to cover all costs for facility and employee costs throughout the year. There are also some months with 5 classes and those months will not cost more as it will even out throughout the year. The cost of tuition has been calculated to make even monthly payments throughout the year.

If tuition and fees are not paid for 2 months, then the students are subject to removal from class and charges for missed payments will be required.

If parents of a dancer are divorced, payment needs to be worked out between the parents. Regardless of the payment decision, one parent needs to be the responsible party with a card or account on Auto-pay. *We are happy to help explain the options.


If you would like to drop from a class you need to contact RISE and be removed from class.

We have a 30-day cancellation policy.

You must give a 30-day notice before dropping a class, we do not refund tuition for dropped classes after the month has begun. Payments will continue to charge until the student is removed from class. You must receive an email confirming that your student has been dropped from the class


Attire for girls - leotards are highly encouraged. Tight form fitting shirt or tank top (nothing that will flow when tumblers are upside-down) with shorts or leggings

Hair must be pulled back (pony tail) 

(short hair? please try your best to have it in a low pony/ out of the face)

Attire for boys - athletic clothes 

NO Jewelry 

NO Socks 



When you register your child for a class, it is assumed they will remain in that class from the time of registration - May. Students can only learn by attending class regularly, therefore, attendance is crucial. Excessive absences from a class could lead to the dancer being removed from the Concert.​

Monday classes- We know there are several Monday holidays so students can attend 3 make up classes for the following holidays. Labor Day, Presidents Day and Martin Luther King, Jr Day. We do not offer make up classes for any other holiday/breaks.

Our studio follows the Washington School District break calendar for holidays. Basically, If there isn't school due to a holiday or major break then there isn't dance. We still have classes on most all Teacher prep days but there are a few we will follow. Refer to our IMPORTANT DATES page for exact days off.

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